It’s normal to feel self-conscious about how you look as you get older, especially regarding your facial features. Wrinkles can make you feel older than you are, as can gaunt cheekbones and thin lips.

There’s nothing wrong with these features, as they’re a regular part of aging, but you don’t have to put up with being unsatisfied with your appearance. You also don’t have to choose invasive cosmetic procedures to look more like yourself.

Dermal fillers are non-invasive and can reduce the appearance of several unwanted facial features. Why should you choose fillers? Keep reading for 7 reasons you’ll feel more like yourself after fillers!

1.   Simple and Painless Treatment

Dermal fillers don’t require surgery. The treatment is non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about having to rest and recover for weeks after the treatment.

You also don’t have to worry about your face looking bruised or swollen during recovery. Fillers are an excellent treatment option for patients who have never had cosmetic surgery.

They are also great for patients who have had cosmetic procedures and are looking for an easy way to freshen up their appearance without surgery. Dermal filler treatment is incredibly simple.

Dermal filler is a substance that imitates the subcutaneous fat that diminishes with aging. The filler is injected with a thin needle directly into the treatment area. Adding it to areas of your face that lack subcutaneous fat adds volume and smoothness.

Even though the treatment is quick and easy, dermal fillers last for some time. Some last for months, while others can last for years before being processed naturally by your body.

If you like your results, you don’t have to get injections all the time to maintain them. You also won’t have to worry about permanently altering your appearance because the fillers won’t last forever.

2.   No Downtime

After getting fillers, you can get back to normal activities right away. You don’t have to take days or weeks to recover before getting back to your life.

Your face may feel slightly sore for a few days, but it shouldn’t be enough to limit your activities or routine. The only caution you need to take is to avoid intense physical activity for one to two days.

Discomfort following your treatment is minimal and can be eased by icing the treatment area.

3.   Subtle Changes to Your Appearance

Dermal fillers don’t change your appearance dramatically. They alter how your face looks skillfully, so no one will even know that you’ve had any work done. You’ll look like yourself, but even better!

Fillers are also a very accessible treatment. You’ll likely qualify for dermal fillers if you’re in good health, aren’t a smoker, are committed to healthy skin, maintain your skin health, and have realistic expectations about what the treatment can achieve.

While the change in your appearance is subtle, fillers can still make you look and, most importantly, feel more like yourself.

4.   Smooth Away Wrinkles

Fillers can do a few things to reduce the appearance of certain facial features. One common use for fillers is to smooth out wrinkles, making them nearly invisible.

Dermal fillers are especially good at smoothing out the wrinkles around the mouth and nose. Removing the signs of these tiny age lines can make you feel younger again while barely altering your appearance.

When applied correctly, fillers look incredibly natural, so your overall appearance will also feel natural. Looking your best doesn’t have to mean drastically altering your appearance.

5.   Make Your Face Feel Full Again

With age, part of the process is losing volume in the face. Since subcutaneous fat breaks down as you get older, and the cheeks are primarily made of subcutaneous fat, it’s common to have gaunt cheeks from aging.

Dermal fillers can increase the volume in your cheeks, making your face look fuller and more youthful. Fillers also help your face remain smooth even when adding volume to the hollow of your cheeks.

The key is having it done by a professional like Dr. Nicolas Villanustre to ensure you won’t look lumpy or unnatural. The enhancement is subtle and makes you appear healthier, happier, and more like yourself!

6.   Plump Up Your Lips

Most people associate fillers with lip enhancement. There’s no doubt that fillers have multiple uses, but lip enhancement is another way they can improve your appearance.

They can make your lips appear fuller, and plump lips are often associated with youth. But fillers can do more than just plump up your lips.

They can also soften the lines around the lips, making the whole area around your mouth feel smoother. With fuller lips and smoother skin around your lips, you can feel younger and brighter!

7.   Like What You See in the Mirror

Ultimately, any cosmetic treatment you get will make you feel happier about yourself. It isn’t about how other people see you but how you feel about yourself.

Fillers can make you feel more like yourself by allowing you to see more of your lovely face without focusing on little age lines or thinner areas. Focusing more on what you like about yourself and less on what you don’t like can make you more confident, healthy, and happy.

You can boost your confidence by choosing fillers instead of cosmetic surgical procedures. After fillers, you can still look like yourself but better. 

Do you want to learn more about fillers and how to love how you look again? Request an appointment at Reflections at St. Luke’s and start feeling better about your appearance!