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Cosmetic Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wished there was something you could do to smooth out those lines, reduce dark pigment and refresh your complexion?

Cosmetic laser skin rejuvenation delivers an innovative, non-surgical alternative in skin rejuvenation and can help to make some of your wishes for a more youthful complexion come true.

The professionals at Reflections at St. Luke’s use Microlaser Peel™ and Profactional Laser Treatments to help reduce  some of the ravages of time and sun exposure. We work with one of the premier developers of medical-grade lasers, enabling us to offer advanced laser therapies.

Treatment of Wrinkles, Texture and Spots

Using a combination of lasers, we treat the layers of the skin in a series of procedures. First, we start with a MicroLaser Peel to remove the outermost layer of skin. This exposes a smoother, younger and healthier layer of skin. Next, we use the Profractional Laser to remove micro-columns of damaged tissue, while stimulating collagen at an even deeper level. Combined, you should notice improvement in your skin’s texture, pores, overall tone, wrinkles and elasticity. We can treat the skin on your face, around your eyes, your mouth and your décolleté.

Combat the Loss of Skin Elasticity

It’s time to tighten your skin with no down time. You can improve some of your skin’s elasticity and tone with an intense, filtered light treatment that penetrates below the outer layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production, helping to make it tighter and smoother. Ideal for all skin types and ages, this laser procedure can improve your skin’s elasticity and can even prevent some wrinkles around your eyes and on your face and neck. In addition to the face and eyes, it can also firm the skin on the neck, arms, hands, legs, thighs and abdomen.

Lessen Sun Damage

This treatment can be beneficial for someone with years of sun damage. Gentle BBLBroadBand Light™ laser pulses treat hyper-pigmentation, age spots and freckles with minimal downtime and redness. This noninvasive, pulsed-light treatment is designed with six filters to develop customized treatment levels for your face, décolleté, arms, hands and legs.

Reduce Facial Redness & Rosacea

Lighten and reduce facial redness and rosacea. Our BBL™ BroadBand Light laser treatment provides safe technology to treat rosacea and prominent spider-like facial veins of the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

Treat Acne

By combining various BBLBroadBand Light™ laser treatments, our team at Reflections at St. Luke’s can effectively treat acne by killing bacteria on the skin, as well as reducing production of sebaceous (oil) glands for smoother, more clear skin. Areas ideal for this treatment include the face, neck, décolleté, upper arms or forearms, lower legs and back. Because acne is a condition that requires ongoing care and treatment, pharmaceutical-grade skincare products also are recommended.

To find out more about these and other cosmetic procedures, make an appointment at Reflections at St. Luke’s today: 727.210.8899.

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