Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? Are your lips too thin, or do they look like they could use a boost?

If you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of your lips, you may want to consider lip enhancement. You can have lip enhancement performed non-invasively without any surgery.

It’s a great way to subtly enhance your appearance without committing to substantially changing your body or doing so permanently. Reflections at St. Luke’s offers lip enhancement and many other cosmetic procedures.

We can work with you to help you get your desired appearance. Enhancing your lips can help you feel more confident and love the skin you’re in. Keep reading to learn more about lip enhancements and why they will increase your self-confidence!

What is a Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement is performed using fillers. Fillers are injectable materials made from a substance naturally found in the body called hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid retains water, so when injected into your lips, it helps them appear fuller and increases their volume. Fillers are a temporary and impermanent cosmetic treatment.

Eventually, your body processes the injected material, and its effects wear off. But fillers last longer than some other injectable treatments like Botox.

Fillers can last between six months and two years, depending on the formula used by Dr. Nicolas Villanustre at Reflections at St. Luke’s. If you like the way they enhance your appearance, you only have to return for treatment to touch them up as little as once every two years!

Feel More Like Yourself

Lip enhancement can make you feel more like the person you picture when you think about yourself and your ideal version of yourself. Some people may have thin lips, and seeing them makes them feel uncomfortable.

Thinner lips are often part of getting older, but it can make you feel less satisfied with your appearance. Injectable fillers can help you feel less self-conscious about your appearance by making your lips look fuller without using excessive makeup to line your lips or fake the look of being fuller than they are.

When it comes to any cosmetic procedure, you should focus more on how your appearance makes you feel rather than how it makes anyone else feel. When you look closer to your ideal appearance, you can feel better and more confident in your skin.

Lip enhancement can do just that, making you feel more like yourself! If you’re tired of walking away from the mirror feeling like you’re looking at a lie, it’s time to do something about it!

Save Time

If you don’t like how your lips look, you may spend a lot of time putting on lip makeup. It can take a long time to put on your makeup every morning, and it takes even longer when you painstakingly draw on your lips and apply layers of lip plumper.

However, after having a lip enhancement, you can save time because your lips will look effortlessly full and plump. You can get away with applying a bit of lip gloss and still look like you’re wearing your full lip makeup.

Moreover, your lips will look more naturally luscious and full without needing to complete your full routine.

Subtly Change Your Appearance Without Surgery

Lip fillers are completely non-surgical. They will be administered in Dr. Villanustre’s Reflections at St. Luke’s office.

They are quickly injected directly into your lips with a thin needle. You may also have your lips numbed with a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain.

You also don’t have to worry about altering your appearance drastically when you get fillers. Getting fillers will give you a subtly enhanced appearance, making you look natural and like yourself.

People won’t be able to tell you had anything done and may notice that you seem happier, brighter, and more confident. Best of all, they may say that you finally seem like you’re comfortable in your skin.

The other great thing about fillers is that they aren’t permanent. Permanently changing your appearance can be nerve-wracking.

But fillers are naturally processed by your body. If you’re unsure about them, you can even choose a shorter-lasting filler.

If you love how it makes your lips look (which most patients do!), you can choose a longer-lasting filler when you return to Reflections at St. Luke’s for your next appointment.

Work With Our Highly Qualified Team

Our Reflections at St. Luke’s specialists are experts in various cosmetic procedures. They’ll be able to work with you and educate you about the many options available.

Every patient also has the opportunity to work with our medical director Dr. Villanustre to develop a fully customized treatment plan that targets your specific needs and desires. Whether getting fillers or undergoing a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Villanustre and our specialists can tailor the treatment to your needs.

Depending on the results you’re looking to achieve, you can include lip enhancement as part of a larger treatment plan. But you can also choose to only focus on your lips and enhance their appearance. No matter your choice, we’ll help you achieve your desired results to look and feel your best!

Are you interested in learning more about lip enhancement and other cosmetic procedures we offer? Take the first step now by requesting an appointment at Reflections at St. Luke’s in Clearwater, FL! Why wait any longer when loving yourself could be right around the corner?